Phil R Mills

*** Intentional Living ***


About Me......

  A DEDICATED Husband, Father, and Business Professional with a passion for Technology, Public Speaking, Teaching, Personal Growth and Development, and Thought Leadership….. 


My "WHY"......

  In my spare time... I want to use my Talents, Knowledge, Experience, and Wisdom…. To ADD VALUE and be a GIVER & LIFTER to Others through: 

Helping Others - " The Me to We Mentality"

Networking - Connecting People with People

Serving as a:

o Teacher in Education on Personal Growth, Leadership, and how to MASTER the Steps to Higher Levels

oCoach to Parents and Young Adults about Life's KEY LEARNINGS not taught in any School or College

oMentor to those striving for similar Values, Goals, and Accomplishments; but not as far down the path

Living an Exemplary Life…



John Maxwell Certified Team Member

Professional Services:

  • Mastermind Group Facilitation
  • Leadership and Personal Growth Workshops
  • Public Speaking
  • Coaching


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